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Zen Modern Toilets

Modern ToiletsWant surprise your guests with a modern bathroom? So you can not miss the best models of Zen-style toilets that will make a difference.

The new trend Zen
The avant-garde decoration during these times is called Zen. Being inspired by Oriental culture, yoga, Buddhism, and be based on the use of decorative wood, the colors white, yellow, beige and contrasts such as black , becomes an alternative not only to please the view, but to find balance and harmony in the different areas of a house. Continue reading

Create an feng shui environment in your bedroom

Feng shui is the Chinese system that helps us live in harmony with the natural elements and forces of the earth. This is to balance our Chi and revolves around the forces of Yin / Yang.

In a bedroom according to Feng Shui rules must give prominence to the Yin force, as the feminine or passive force (Yang is the masculine force or active). Here are some tips to help you design your bedroom according to Feng Shui system and achieve a break much more fulfilling. Continue reading

An important advice of Feng Shui to arrange your home

While many of us have a proper approach to locate and install the objects in the rooms of the house to look like the decor is ever the truth is that not everyone has the ability to understand the effects that can lead the way how to accumulate the objects in it.

And we can choose the most beautiful colors that Continue reading

How to organize the kitchen, according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui kitchen In the philosophy of Feng Shui, the kitchen is the central organ of a successful life. According to the location of the kitchen, it will have a major effect on the inhabitants of that house. The organization of kitchen furniture will determine how good or how bad energy flows through the kitchen and the rest of your home.

Here are some tips for organizing your kitchen according to Feng Shui and Continue reading