The Japanese decor in your room

Japanese walls paperThe one place where you can easily incorporate a Japanese feel and decor is your bedroom. We will try to give you some inspiration and show what you can achieve in your home with a little creativity.

You can have your own interpretation of a Japanese decor style, however there are some fundamentals underlying Japanese decorating that you should keep in mind. The fundamental principle is the idea of establishing a clean and clutter-free look.  Wall colors are neutral and natural, furniture should be minimal and functional. Color is introduced through the use of a few carefully chosen objects. All in all, the Japanese decorating style aims at creating a spacious and harmonious environment where the light and the energy will flow nicely.

A cream-colored carpet, a tea table, a simple platform bed and some red quilts are some of the details that can give character to a room, with warm colors (such as the orange bedside table) creating a nice contrast.  We said furnishings should be spare and simple, and you should definitely opt for the simplicity of a platform bed. A rice paper ceiling lamp seems to be the must have accessory to finish off a Japanese styled room. Of course, everything is personal, and if you do decide to embrace the Japanese style, feel free to embellish your room with your own special touch  (Japanese brushstroke paintings, pictures, statues), always trying to respect the Zen aesthetic of harmony.

This bedroom with walls in light grey, together with the beige carpet and wooden furniture in light shades, is a feminine space and evokes elements of ancient Japan, such as lithographs. Added vases and flowers (Japanese decor conveys a sense of accord and harmony with nature) give a sense of repose, serenity and harmony to a place dedicated to enjoyment and rest. The room and the furniture (low tables made of wood trunks and a mat made from small wooden slats) are bathed in light coming from a window with metal lines that is a perfect reminder of the Japanese Shoji screens .

When decorating your room, bear in mind the four fundamentals of Japanese decorating: Simplicity, Balance, Minimalism and Nature.

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