Chinese decor in your living room

Chinese living roomThe lounge is where you can sit with family and friends share news and stories that will help them catch up so this temperature should be comfortable and pleasant to enable them to settle for several hours to enjoy the moment. We bring ideas to decorate your room with a style reminiscent of ancient China.

In this beautiful room you can see the bottom with windows, shutters Oriental style, a beautiful floral arrangement that simulates the cherry blossoms, a game hall cream with pieces of wood, oval coffee table in wood on a red carpet and later you can see a library and dining room made of wood with cloth tablecloths ground color and a beautiful tea set.

living roomThis room features furniture set in light gray, gray patterned cushions and white, a coffee table wooden ornaments inspired by ancient China, a beautiful wooden blinds sheets to protect furniture from light, plants nature and energy fill the room and a library of background wood.

In this living despite its small size has been achieved with a decorating inspiration from ancient Chinese characters by placing some posts in the eastern wall, a red sofa (a totally related to this country) and a modern library prepared wood with circular lines which gives the final touch.

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