Vintage Kitchens

vintage kitchenThe kitchen can accommodate a vintage style even though it has modern appliances. Here you can see clear examples. Furniture, countertops, chairs and lamps Classic can coexist with technology.

The kitchen has a floor you can see very striking, with floral motifs in white, turquoise and purple gives you plenty of room for decoration , wooden furniture and a classic turquoise shelves are the allies of this style that contrasts with artifacts such as coffee, galleys and even an aquarium and an LCD television and modern elements.

In this cooking cream is responsible for the cohesion of the present and the past in one style, coffee makers, dishwashers and drawers that accompany modern jars, kitchen cloths, cabinets, table, chairs and other decorations classic.

Not only feminine decor can be the candidate for a vintage kitchen, green furniture like this, wood floors and furniture will allow a man to enjoy a kitchen with a retro feel and all the sophistication of technology in appliances.

Surely you’ve seen more than once in a refrigerator antique shop of this type, you can see here how well it would be if you decide to combine it with some classic elements such as a wooden chair with cushion color printing, cabinets and wood furniture white and better if you have an accompanying ground.

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