The house of Robert Redford

Robert RedfordRobert Redford is an iconic American film and a star of Hollywood at the end of 2011 went on sale the house now we show you pictures.

The actors and director lived in the house that we show until 1998 and then but has kept all these years has now decided to put on sale.

As is the home of Robert Redford:

The new home of Robert Redford was put on sale in November 2011 for an amount of 1.3 million dollars (940,000 euros). Located in Weston, a town in Connecticut.

The house was built in 1976 by architect Mighael as curious Greenberg and I must say that during the years he lived there, Redford was also a neighbor of Paul Newman, actor who united a great friendship.

With a rustic, wood-beamed ceiling, the house has a fireplace, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and lovely views of the forest also among its luxuries we have to mention the presence of a gazebo, pool, spa and extensive gardens.

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