Zen to your home decor

home decorDo you want to remodel your home, but do not know what style to choose? The decor Zen is the new fashion trend, the same that brings beauty and harmony to our home.

What is Zen?
The Zen is a Buddhist practice Oriental is related to the meaning of life, related to the search for balance and harmony, and use meditation as a means to get there. This philosophy attracted the attention of the West during the twentieth century thanks to the customs that are made in the Far East, such as martial arts, Japanese gardens and flower arrangements.

Zen and the decoration
Zen decoration has become recently in the new vanguard that has displaced conventional and prevailing styles of the past. This type of decoration is characterized by its simplicity and pragmatism, and not only involves only give a visual appeal, but our spaces offer a balance to positively influence our moods and humor.

Also to live with this type of decoration most people have a place to unwind after returning home from their work and where to disconnect from the outside world.

The predominant colors for this type of decoration are white and some color ranges from brown or beige. The materials used for furniture is wood. These same are characterized by straight lines in form, so that there is order in the space to decorate and to move freely, without obstacles.

The most important sites by Zen

The room:

This space for Zen is considered the heart of the house. What you want to achieve here is broad and is both a pleasant space for you and others. Walls can be painted in various shades of beige or white depending on your taste.

For the decorations of the room, according to Zen, is preferable to avoid reloading the little room and note the color space. These relational glass ornaments, vases and stone, these give a positive view of the environment. If you want to place pictures, think dark colored frames to find a contrasting color on the wall.

The bedroom or room:

This site is our resting place, so quiet is the feature that most are looking for, and for that white is the most suitable color. It is suggested that we use to find harmony wood furniture with his own bed headboard or the closet, and the bed linen is also white.

The natural lighting in this space is important because it will give us the highlight you need the space for loads of good energy.

The kitchen:
A good option for decorating the kitchen is white Formica furniture, both in tables and in cupboards. Details like the dishes and utensils can be visible and white, to blend well with the space.

The bathroom:
The ornaments of this place also recommend that necessary and sufficient. We could choose ocher tiles on the walls and white bathroom accessories, the same as the combined space give a balanced contrast.

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