The colors that decorate this Christmas

decorate this ChristmasA rural retreat with white and delicate shades?
Attic black urban and ethnic touches?
A family home where joy is bright red?

Modern, classic, natural or traditional. Whatever the style of your home, there is an aesthetic chord Christmas. So, enjoy the festivities to come surrounded by a special decorative environment is a task very simple. One of the most important is choosing the colors that predominate in the domestic space.

According to the interior Diego Rodriguez to make the tree a more sophisticated element, it is best to choose a single tone. In this sense, your bet for the next ornamental celebrations will be marked by the space they inhabit, but also by the color gamut to you feel more affinity. As for the ornaments, wooden hearts are able to live with dolls and stars felt glass or porcelain. At Christmas, anything is possible.

The Eternal Golden
A precious metal like gold has the ability to convey a message of exuberance and distinction, but is also able to provide the environment of warmth and good vibes. We reveal that the achievement of these objectives is in our hands if impregnated with gold accents Christmas tree, decorative objects and candles, making it important to small, embellishing and decorating.

A basic tone, such as red, green or blue, but covered with metallic reflections, is another alternative. Banak matter underscores this option to set the table which will bring the whole family, recommending combine shades of ivory, burgundy, browns and reds with pieces in gold and silver in the under plates, napkin rings and coasters. The imagination is an infallible weapon on the tablecloth, glasses making and creating makeshift napkin holders with bright ties.

White or black?
Magic is fickle, and play hide behind dark shades. Gray, chocolate, sepia and black are preferred cutting a context sober men. It is possible you want to escape the environment overloaded with garlands and Christmas prefer to live from a more serious view and minimalist, with no typical resources such as birth or figures of Santa Claus. In this case, nothing better than this mysterious and glamorous choice.

The opposite pole is in the snow, reminiscent of beloved Christmas time, and its color, as the purity of white could not miss. A chic, the prevailing “porcelain, glass, metal and lacquered wood, and another country, in the predominantly” maple wood, wool, natural rinds, wicks and the finest glass Christmas balls. ”

The rustic
And if we substitute the angels and reindeer for hedgehogs and squirrels. Enter the nature and idiosyncrasies at home is another great bet for those dates. The animals and magical beings who live among the trees will give a rustic environment in which protrude typical forest tones: oranges, browns and greens. Figures reminiscent of fairies and elves will be of wood, rattan, pottery and clay.

Probably the houses are equipped with fireplace that best reflect this very special interior, since the chairs around the hearth invite you to relax and relaxed conversation. Do not forget to complete your favorite spots with centers made with plant dry branches of fir and pine, which can add candles and pine cones. ! Will be very entertaining them with your own hands!

The weight of tradition
For the most faithful to the custom, the combination of red and green is set in stone. The classic elements come to the felt, ceramics; wood and brass are still brightly colored audience. From the tone cherry to vermilion red all grades are accepted. Remember to include in the tree, candy canes and bells for the Christmas spirit multiply its sparkle.

Decora reminds us that with children as protagonists, the house is full of color, laughter and joy. Thus, the illusion that live Christmas is reason enough to decorate the house when it’s December. You let your children help you with this task, and let them take part in the choice of dressings. Arrangements probably will choose plush, felt and point. The catalog is impressive and I’m sure you’ll be captivated many supplements full of tenderness. Merry Christmas!

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