Ideas to update a room using colours and textures

decoration with colorsThe decor of  a home is all about personal tastes and reflects the personality of those who inhabit it. If you feel that your house lacks “something”, it most certainly needs a change of colour.

To help you decide what shades are ideal for decorating your home, consider the following practical tips :

Start by observing the objects that you like

These can be fruits, flowers, etc. Take some interesting pictures (you can takethe  pictures yourself, or buy some beautiful cards) of these items and discover possible combinations of these pictures. Once you have decided on the pictures you wish to use to decorate your house, take the images to the DIY store to choose a paint that would go well with your pictures (it can either match the color scheme, or create a nice, sharp contrast). Start by painting small portions of your wall and combine it with the picture to see if you are satisfied with the effect achieved. Any DIY shop will sell paint samples.

Create ornaments with details

You can paint some of the room features with a color that bring a contrast with the rest of the room. This will to create a decorative element: mouldings, door and window frames, arches are a good place to start. This will help to harmonize the views of the environment. And be sure to decorate the room with a variety of bottles, glass jars or candles of different colours and shapes. A simple, original and economical alternative is to fill an interesting looking fruit bowl with lemons or candies (anything with bright colors really) and place as an ornament on the bar or on the office table.

Transform a kitchen into a colourful space

Display your colourful and posh looking pots or cookery on a shelf or cabinet with glass doors, dare using different styles of  furniture, and red or warm colors on the walls to give a warm feeling to a room that is usually the heart of the house. You can quickly transform or update a tired looking table, shelf or desk with a dash of paint.

Energise a boring decor

A simple romantic touch can transform a room into a relaxing place. Place thin trim to the wall and the ceiling to create a division.  You can choose two tones that play across the room. Apply the darker color on the top or cover it with wallpaper.

Dress in detail

We recommend that you chose different fabrics such as cotton and satin on the pillows for example. Use a wall to display a gallery of family photos. On another wall you could hang pictures of natural landscapes that make your mind wander…

If you are planning to refresh a tired piece of furniture, such as a cabinet, update the inside as well as the outside, as there is a significant difference between opening a closet painted with a surprising, cheerful colour, or just a conventional closet that creates no sparkle at all.

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