How to decorate my room with pictures

How to decorate my room with picturesOur photos convey feelings and stories. Moreover, they create atmospheres and can turn any environment into a more welcoming and friendly. If you are looking for your room reflects your personality and certain moments for you, there is nothing better than to decorate it with pictures. Here we have the best tips to decorate your room with different compositions of photos.

The first step in your wall with pictures

Before decorating the room, you must choose the best pictures possible. You can choose by color (contrast with the tone of the walls), themes, sizes, etc… You can assemble a photo composition with black and white only, or also play with the size of each.

Similarly, you should consider if the photos will be hung on the wall, with or without a frame on top of some furniture, etc… On the other hand, the ideal height to hang your pictures is 1.50 m. If you place near the ceiling is an alteration of the senses.

A wall with personality

If you will distribute the photos on a wall in your room and are of different sizes, you dare and play with the sizes to achieve interesting composition. You can place the greatest and most significant distribution center and the other around. Note that you should never hang the pictures following a progression of their size. And while the pictures are smaller, the greater should be the distance between them.

Another way to distribute your photos is through different alignments and figures. You can form lines, squares, diagonals, etc… You can be any shape, provided that the photos are properly spaced according to size. For example, in the image below as a heart shaped headboard with Polaroid photographs.

For more original decor and unusual individual photos you can use other simple elements. This teen room used ropes, hooks and chains of all kinds, combined with photos of fashion, to give a modern style.

In this one room of a teenager placed three full size pictures above the headboard of the bed. This simple composition but complements the sober youth bedroom. Usually, these pictures are based on his interests: sports, movies, video games, etc…

Put pictures as part of the headboard will give your room an elegant and modern. You can even put aside to play with the distribution of the elements. Definitely a very striking effect.

If you do not decide how to decorate your room, do not hesitate to choose photos to personalize the environment. Choose a way to distribute more you like and enjoy a new environment that reflects your personality.

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