Decorating Ideas: How to decorate a brick wall

brick wallWhen decorating a wall, another option besides the paint, wallpaper and wall stickers, which in many cases can be very interesting brick walls.

This is a great alternative for interior walls, as you can implement a rustic room from vintage to modern, minimalist loft. Next, know the best tips for getting the most out of this decorative element.

Painting the brick wall
With simple variations, a brick wall can change the look of any room, in winter may reflect inspires warmth and coolness in summer. If you’re looking to give it a welcoming and conservative, you can leave the original color of the brick. But to achieve a more modern and daring, it is advisable to paint it another color.

If you have a brick wall at home and looking paint, these are the steps you follow to get the finish you want:

If you have previously been painted, the first preparation step is to scrape the loose paint off the wall.

The porosity of the brick does absorb all dirt, so you should thoroughly wash the wall with soap and water. Make sure nothing gets out of soap.

Even with dirt after cleaning. aspires to make it ready.

Apply the primer with a brush. This layer is important because it helps preserve the original color of the wall through the new paint color. Let dry completely.

Now you can apply paint with a brush desired, both the bricks as the mixing lines. If the layer is thick enough, it is not necessary to apply a second.

Decorating the brick wall
An exposed brick wall can give a special touch to a modern setting. In the picture below the brick walls combine with smooth walls, by way of contrast. To decorate the brick were used abstract paintings that complement the wall, becoming a great frame.

In the case of the loft over the brick wall wood beams give it an industrial style that blends with the current vintage. The four contemporary paintings help delineate the two areas of the room.

If you want a more welcoming space, you can be inspired in this environment of high ceiling and the wall painted white. The vintage style furniture and the six small tables grouped create a room interesting and different is not every day.

In this decoration you can appreciate the combination of pictures, fun furniture and a wall of white bricks.

One way to highlight a brick wall is to install a flat screen TV. In the examples below contrasts the imperfections of the wall with modern lighting and television in the middle of everything. It is certainly a great way to combine rustic with elegant and minimalist.

Who says that a fire does not go with a modern house? This room has a fireplace vanguard installed in a wall of black bricks. Accompanied by two abstract paintings, is the perfect place to spend a winter afternoon.

If you want to give an industrial look to your kitchen, you can be inspired in this example. Mixing metal furniture with shelves and other wooden items, you will achieve this interesting combination. In addition, you may notice that no drawers or shelves are used.

Finally, this room as a child with vintage detail achieves a perfect harmony with the white wall of bricks. The old radio, cameras and lights complement the great room.

As you can see, the exposed brick walls, the atmosphere will definitely make your home stand out for their beauty and elegance. What’s more, you can combine different elements that fit the style you want for your space.

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