Decorating Ideas: Decorate baby’s room

creative spaceThe nursery is the center of his universe which we provide some tips on decoration.

It is a safe haven where you can feel safe and Play, Dreams, receive friends, study, keep treasures and, of course, sleep. Since decorating a child‘s room or a child is very different than planning any other room in the house because it is a transitional space must meet the needs of a child from infancy through adolescence. Teddy bears will soon be changed by computers and the room must be sufficiently flexible to cover all the needs of children as they grow.

Decorate a child’s room is more complicated than decorating any other room in the house, because children need a space that stimulates and calms in different sizes and they have to feel in control of your landscape, our expert says Mariela . She encourages parents to design and decorate the room with the help of children.

It’s a great opportunity for input into the color schemes and manipulation of a creative space, he says, not to mention the fact that a child who has had a hand to decorate their “world” is more likely to take care of it. The lighting of the room, the color of the walls and furniture are key in all rooms of a house, according to Levy, but you have to give importance to the color of a child’s room, the texture and surfaces. She suggests painting and decorating the room with colors you like a child, rather than elegant and subtle nuances that may come to dominate the rest of the house.

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