Country kitchens: ideas and proposals for furnishing

ideas for furnishingGrace asks us:
“My house, the outside is in neoclassical style with high frontal columns. Inside, the living area is all wooden floors and doors are walnut.

For the walls of the living room which is decorated in a style quite classic, I chose a warm color (yellow sponge).

The kitchen, separated from the living room by a sliding wall, has a brick fireplace with hood and a straight shoulder blocks that reaches the ceiling along the wall, I put the kitchen.

Between base and wall tiles are 10×10 white dotted with brown and finished with a “bull in brown.”

The floor is a single firing with great e development of a pink diamond brown, the walls are white and the hood was painted yellow (repaint).
Now we have to buy food: we are focused on a modern but not cold. What do you recommend? ”

According to the description given, there are many elements that lead us to advise against a modern kitchen, cold by definition.

The modern kitchens, in fact, are characterized by the use of cold materials such as steel or lacquered finishes as the cold, which does not reconcile with the many classic elements found in his house.

While the combination of hot and cold materials (eg stone and steel) is among the most successful, it is equally true that the predominance of traditional and classical elements in his case (brick fireplace, floor-type single-fired, wall tiles, walnut doors, style of the building), recommended to maintain a balance of styles.

Not to mention the living room and kitchen are divided by a sliding door, which leads us to maintain continuity with the classicism of the stay.

In this context, the ideal is the so-called country kitchens, in colors of green, yellow, pink and cream (of Doimo kitchens, one in the photo above).

The country kitchen, in fact, traditional kitchens in form and materials, but also very accurate in detail and the innovative combination of unusual materials, such as those that we propose below.

Kitchen, sage-colored finish, made of chestnut wood, with top and stone inserts and doors in the English style (The kitchens of Master).
Both the color and for the materials, this country kitchen goes perfectly with a terracotta floor.

Ash lacquered open pore, or pickled, available in several finishes; plans are available in granite, marble or tiled to suit all tastes.

An alternative to country kitchens, kitchens that can represent a compromise between the classic and modern shapes and materials, such as those proposed below.

Plays on the contrasts of this kitchen Ikea modern and essential forms for linear and steel for use in the stove but with an eye to tradition, thanks to the dining-room stone and vintage accessories.

Of the Veneta Cucine Kitchen oak carob, very linear by design, also available in other finishes and colors.

Perfect combination of classic and modern, this kitchen, bleach with antiqued finish doors and simple shapes and linear.

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