Modern decor to your living room: 3 tips

living roomUsually, in our homes we are always looking to give a novel touch. Is that the trends in decoration change as fashion changes that we carry. And so, from time to time, we also renew the look of our home. But where do you start? Well, for the main room or living room, which is the space where we receive our guests every time they come to visit.

In this article we will focus on the living room, this space is a kind of hybrid at home. A place where we have a TV to watch a movie, meet friends to watch a football game, play games, have a meeting or just having a good time without the formality of the main room or the informality of kitchen.

3 tips let’s review the basic aspects that are to be taken into account when decorating or redecorating a room in particular. Remember to notice who the users of your space, that is, if you have young children, teenagers and what use you will give your living room.

Add a dash of color!
Fear not risk it. The bright colors are in fashion and are all well in almost any part of your room:

On one wall: a wall of your living room is a touch of color. For example, if your walls in shades of beige or light gray, go ahead with a green wall, red or orange.

Put color in items such as seat cushions or a puff. Try to be the same shade of your wall, but do not overdo! But give you cramps in the eyes of your guests.

Decorative items
Note that, currently, the latest trends are the hallmark of less is more, so you can concentrate on decorative details. What are a few in your living room, but excel. You can use items such as:

Cushions for the chairs with or without textures. This will depend if your sofa has textures or not.

Decorative plants: the ideal is to put a large pot and high in one corner of the room.
Carpet only if you have space. If your room is small and you have a coffee table prevents the carpet. What you can do is to design or create a detail on the floor. For example, in my house we did a design with the tiles that gives life to the living room floor.

Fireplace, it seems a lovely detail. If you place, I suggest you build one. Today there are electric fireplaces that are super good and not contaminate the environment as they are wood.

Tables to fill your walls. Try to be consistent with the rest of the decor in both style and color.

Functional and beautiful furniture
If you have room buy a coffee table like the photo. In addition to decorate and fill the space, allows you to save records for example.

A set of entertainment to locate the TV and DVD. They also allow you to place furniture decorative elements that enhance. Well, if you’re looking for modernity, a plasma TV set in the wall is the best option.

I think the living room can become your favorite place in your home depends on how we decorate and the wave that has this space. Do you have similar good these tips? What use you give your living room? Tell us your ideas and tips.

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