Keys to decorate my home: basic tips

I always knew I wanted to move to living alone, even had idealized as would be the place where you live but until then it was still a long-term goal. When my brothers began to leave home, this curiosity grew even more and is becoming a recurring idea of the department itself, which although no longer looks so much that I imagined when I was little, still has some special features.

I spoke to Karina Gamarra, interior decoration specialist topics, and helped me not only to clear my doubts about the keys to decorating the house, but also gave me some great tips I’ll tell you later. If you are so labored / and I with the idea of home ownership do not miss this note…

Once that finally, after so many months of waiting, you have the keys to your home, having visited many stores of decoration, having bought so many magazines and have asked both among your friends, it’s time to put everything in order and decorate.
Applying this set of techniques developed hundreds of years ago at home is very important not only to be able to “see better”, but that each element plays a role in the best possible way and the people who live here can feel comfortable and quiet.

As the world of decoration is so vast and so many pending tasks, surely you will not know where to start or what those things are basic to achieve a functional decor even without many elements.

Where to start decorating
The starting point is not the furniture, but the floors, walls and ceilings. They are also involved in the decoration and versatility makes it possible spaces. The choice of a color can determine the possibilities of your space, either by combination, textures and designs. For example, if you want a flat white color scheme and red, we must limit our decoration contrasting colors.

Getting started is a good question and the question of who first move. Initially, it should be set in places that will be everything, especially the bedrooms and the distribution of these. So you can get an idea of what features they have and what should have each room, check this list:

The first thing you should do, he says Karina, is to assess well the space available. Second, we capture with pen and paper what you want to accomplish in that space. Whether remodeling only in colors and designs or seek breadth in it. Third, choose the colors you like and there goes the relationship with the style that you can have, and fourth, view the topic of the furniture.

Master bedroom: This is the biggest, and usually has a closet and bathroom, this room is ideal for the couple (in case you have one) or for the homeowner. The pastel shades will also be important

Small rooms: for those who have a child or partner, this room will be super useful. For those who do, it is best to use as an office, visiting room or hall. In either case, be sure to look nice ventilation and temperature.

Bathroom, kitchen, and living: in these parts is not much to choose, basically places with certain characteristics. The arrangements can be made in this area are basically in terms of decoration.

Basic decor
Today, with the pace of life that we the people, it is very difficult to decorate the whole house in less than a day. Ideally, start with what we use most often or the space to spend more time.

The room is therefore the first place to think and to decorate with style and functionality here are some tips

Use pastels or clear, these are the most recommended according to Feng Shui and are so versatile you will not need to invest in painting at least a couple of years. With respect to this culture, Karina, our specialist, added: “The entry must be wide and clean, the bathrooms and entrances clogged toilets should always be low as not to miss opportunities and it is not advisable to sleep under beams or work or shelves and keep in mind that any space that has no natural light should be well lit. ”

Place your bed in a strategic area, never so close to the window, if you really sleep at night. Make sure you have bought your curtains before and thus avoid bad times.
If this is your baby’s room, there are many other details that must be considered. I invite you to check this post to find information about shelving, toys, bathtubs, changing tables and more.

Looking ahead…

Something that not everyone comes to mind is to think ahead. Usually, the excitement of the moment and looking forward to seeing our dream house as always and sometimes attacks us determines how we act. If you do not want this to happen to you, plan your activities well in advance and follow these tips.

If you like the changes:

Avoid heavy furniture, delicate or those whose handling requires much care. The simplest materials or light can sometimes help more.

Do not make repairs radical: if one day you decide to make a bookshelf for the kitchen, think before you probably want to change the month. Maybe a baker furniture can be used, otherwise choose neutral colors that can be combined as black or white.

For Karina Gamarra, there are many “ideas” that must be taken into account when we decorate. Here I leave with their contributions:

1. The walls should not be the attention-grabbing, but the whole room as furniture or details.

2. The comfort of the environment has to be very good, but not by the whim of placing any object in the room, but really it is a party together.

3. Not only when talking about the inner decor of your home, the facade and the gardens are an important part for the whole forms a complement.

4. The furniture placed in an environment should be consistent with each other, but create a visual imbalance.

5. The backlight can not be ignored, always emphasizing each environment according to what you want.

What did you think my advice? Got a tip for our community? Tell us!

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