Youth Rooms : trends and ideas for decorating

I remember when I was 13 and I finally had a room to myself. For the first time I could paint as I wanted and put what I wanted. Over the years I could go to better reflect my style, but I was not always clear. I’m sure I’m not alone, finding their own style to the room takes time, dedication and, in many cases, support from parents.

The little kids are not going to stay like this forever. They grow and mature. Change her clothes, customs and needs. There comes a point where they need more personal space that reflects your tastes and interests. If you’re thinking of redecorating the room of your son / a teenager, we present the latest styles and trends and factors to consider renewing this very special space without ignoring the opinion of your children.

Perhaps most difficult is to manage to the room to carry out three main activities of any teenager, rest, study and fun. In the rooms of teenagers has been breaking and has innovated in terms of color and furnishings are concerned. A good composition can make something totally different in a very short time and with little investment.

For starters, keep in mind that your son or daughter is in full swing. Listen to their tastes and suggestions, as it is very important to them than let them make their own decisions. Advise with photos of different catalogs, but let them make the decision. The adolescent’s participation in this project is essential, as is the environment in which they spend more time.

Colours for all

If the room has plenty of natural light, you can paint the walls any or all of any color a little more intense because it will color the light. You can even paint a wall with your child’s favorite color and the rest in a shade paler. To achieve greater contrast, suggests painting the ceiling a light color.

We consult with architects and Karina Gamarra, and explained that in the case of men, usually working a lot with the blue and green leads, because they transmit a relaxing effect on them. In women, the ideal colors are pink, lilac and yellow. You can also include colors that stand out in some cushions or furniture.

Creative Furniture

According to Karina, the latest trends in decoration youth opt for simple, minimalist elements: low beds with upholstered headboards and modular furniture to facilitate the change of position. This is a paramount issue, because adolescents are in constant change.
Ideally, the rooms of women are to have a piece of furniture, sofa, couch or any accessory to bed, to be a place to share with friends. If you do not have any of this furniture with a puff or two is more than enough. Do not forget the decorative pillows: nowadays you can find different shapes, colors and models.

Curtains versatile

The window decorations should be simple. You should avoid long curtains, giving priority to safer options such as short curtains or blinds. Today there is a very versatile fabric, so you can choose a model or pattern that matches other items in the room, as the comforter or pillows.

Area Studies

A key aspect in your room is the area of study. You must have ample space to put books and laptop or PC and ergonomically designed chairs. It must also be in a place with outside light to avoid discomfort. It is also important to keep an order not to lose concentration during the study and at the same time promotes relaxation. The shelves help keep this organization without overloading the environment. Do not forget a good lamp is vital.

Plasma personality

The room of your son / daughter should reflect your personality and your hobbies. What better way than with vinyl stickers and posters? You can find vinyl records with different artists or abstract designs, and drawings. Personally, I prefer the posters. In my room I have a giant framed poster of Oasis, my favorite band, and one from Pulp Fiction. I try not to saturate my walls because of the limited space. You can also incorporate a cork on the wall to put your memories, notes, photos, etc.

Wondering how to position yourself vinyl, I leave you a simple tutorial. Notes!

Rooms brothers

In the event that the room is shared by siblings, according to the architect, it is preferable that they are the same gender to avoid further conflict and discomfort. What most is like is the use of cabins, steel stairs and auxiliary drawers and shelves. I have two brothers about my age, and I thank my parents for giving us the largest room of the house during the time the share. You’ll never be able to avoid arguments and fights between siblings, but if you try to give everyone space to promote a peaceful coexistence.

Following these suggestions and modern trends, you should have an idea of how to decorate your child’s room / a teenager. Do not be afraid to take risks and project yourself creatively. Do not forget also the participation of your son or daughter, because your room should reflect what they are. We appreciate it!

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