Simple ideas for painting and give a new look to your kitchen

Since I have the use of reason, my mom has always painted my kitchen with shades of orange or yellow. He likes the atmosphere is luminous and inspires warmth. While I prefer to dominate the white contrast with other colors, choosing colors for the kitchen and dining responds to different factors.

In a home environment, the colors convey feelings, emotions, and moods. There are colors that reflect joy, warm, and others are the opposite. Here, we present ideas to decide how to paint your kitchen, dining room and what items to use.

Paving the way

Before painting, the surface must be in good condition. The methods and materials used are different, depending on the surface, but you should always fill in the gaps and cracks to avoid imperfections. Then make sure it is clean and free from paint, dust and grease. Brushing and application of remover or a good sanding would be enough, but the paint will not stick as it should.

First, the predominant color for the environment depends on several factors. When choosing, you have to ask you a series of questions that will facilitate the election: How much time spend in the kitchen? Is it spacious or small? What color is the furniture?

Colors for every situation

If you spend long hours in this environment, it is advisable to use too intense colors, like yellow or orange (which uses my mom), because the visual fatigue will be too high. Therefore, it is best to choose neutral colors and clear, cream, beige, white or other light colors. In this way, will not saturate the view of those who are there.

Do not forget the furniture

You should not ignore the furniture. In a kitchen, furniture, appliances and utensils are responsible for filling the space. This is why you should consider the colors and how colors combine.

Problems with the colors?

If you still can not find the colors listed, you can guide with a simulator environment as Expocolor, for example. These are tools that you find online and help you visualize the color palette you want in a home environment.

Renewing tiles

If you fear having to remove the tiles in your kitchen and buy new ones, do not worry! No need to invest in new ones: just paint them enough. You can find a special paint applied directly to the tiles and even quite funny designs can do or even textures. Just clean them well with soap and water, dry the surface with a clean cloth and you can start painting.

Here I leave you with a good practical tutorial for painting tiles in the kitchen; you just need a few products and a desire to change the look of this very special space in your home!

After applying these tips and ideas, be sure that you will feel more satisfied with a kitchen and dining room that reflects your personality and needs. You see, you do not pay a great investment to renew a special atmosphere and feel proud of your work.

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