Models for living room coffee tables

Did you know you give a modern touch and style to your living room coffee table change? For if you did not know, read this post and learn how you can take advantage of your furniture and your investment to keep your room is always in order, with modern style and harmony.

I remember as a teenager, my parents bought a living room set they came with a gift tables. Unfortunately, the tables instead of chairs to complement the classic, funky being of steel pipes, breaking aesthetics.

From there it became very clear that when we decorate a room, you should first priority is the harmony of form and style. However, sometimes just changing a complement or add a new one, we can get the effect of sophistication that we seek in this case using new designs of coffee tables. What do you think?

Today, coffee tables are made of various materials such as pressing and rolling plywood, glass, steel, solid wood and even combinations of all the above, resulting in interesting and sophisticated designs that you can take home.

Contemporary tables

To choose the right design, we must consider the colors of the walls , the shape and color of furniture and home decorations, once taken into account in choosing the material and shape of the table, it can be round, square rectangular, or a rare, but to complement the environment.

Glass and wood

The table legs have been shelved for the time and instead used designs like this that combine a broad wooden base. It also highlights the flush glass panel that gives a more modern look. The brown color blends with any color except white toned walls. Preferably this table placed on a carpet contrast.

Only wood

You’re also giving presence to your space, the coffee table to help you with the order of your magazines; the solution is this beautiful and practical laminate plywood table in natural finish. You see, its design allows you to store magazines and rectangular object on the sides, making it a very functional purpose. To stand out from the floor, it’s always good to place a rug.

The mahogany furniture is very elegant and formal, but also can be worn in a sophisticated atmosphere. One example is the coffee table in mahogany and painted wood in which design of rectangular plates coupled by a layer mode of the wider sides, allows us to appreciate the details.

Another design is the rectangular table designed in two parts. The first is rectangular and long, while the second is the width of the first and has a greater height, making a geometric effect. Color is also mahogany and highlights the space between them, allowing the ornaments play positions. Model is a very elegant and simple to maintain.

Composite Design

In this, the second panel gives the illusion of more space. The steel support structure resembles a table-down, which gives an air of modernity. The white detail on the table top is ideal to highlight the ornaments you can put on the table, while the second invites us to look.

The variety of designs is enormous, so if you have patience you can find the exact design and model for your style of room. One thing to note is that the tables dark, black or mahogany, are ideal for creating dramatic environments with clear walls or white. Take into account and renew your environment with only an accessory. Good luck.

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