Vintage trend in decorating your room

The vintage trend is invading all areas of our lives. Not only in fashion, as a novelty has that drawn much attention, particularly young people, but also in the interior.

For this area, vintage involves retrieval of items from the past such as furniture, bedside tables, lamps, chairs, etc… To be introduced as an interesting observation and complementary modern decor.

The vintage is reinventing the past and adapt to the trends of modernity, so is ideal if you want to decorate our bedroom to the vintage style, try not to recharge items like this, but focusing on one or two articles that highlight our room. This picture is the best example of this. The shelf and antique chair is a great way to mix in with the flat screen monitor that is on the desktop.

Store in vintage

Definitely, in any room where there is a furniture store our stuff, those many things we have and do not have enough storage room. The closet is the base of a girl, there goes your clothes, but does everything else? The dolls, memorabilia, ornaments, etc.. A closet, a dresser or chest can fulfill this function.

If you’re looking to give a vintage touch to your room, you can use any of these items to decorate it. At the foot of your bed against a wall or you can drop an old trunk that if you put a pillow top seat can use. It also looks great wardrobe, the former usually come in white and long doors.

Sleeping in vintage

Look for antique beds to give it the vintage touch to your room. Antique beds probably are not very comfortable or stable, so you should see repair before using them to sleep, at least in stability, because the idea of ancient remains. You can complement your vintage bed linens in pastel colors with floral designs that go with the style.

Vintage Details

You can also complement your vintage style with decorative elements. There are old things very nice and easy to get that you can place on your bedside table or hanging on your walls. You can go buy a fair flea or search your grandmother a painting or old photo or a phone, the kind of disc. I have one in my room and I love it.

If for you, just a few furnishings are not enough to give the vintage style, you can decorate your entire room with this wave. I leave you some references bedroom fully Vintage, particularly I think is too heavy. For me, the vintage details complement the decor. But as they say, tastes and colors are not the authors write. Check out these photos and get inspired to decorate your favorite room.

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