The Chester sofa protagonist of a classic lounge

In an apartment building located in the thirties, the living environment is truly the most important, becoming the boardroom.

The marble floors and ivory walls, which stand out like those of the frames in stucco ceiling, which represent the background set the right furniture.

The piece is the antique table, a legacy of family, without properly restore it back to its original splendor.

The other pieces of furniture, such as the belief and the coffee table are furniture, of current production.

The chimney is placed a mirror while the niches on either side have been fitted with glass shelves.

A carpet manufacturing east under the coffee table, it makes the atmosphere intimate and welcoming, and accessories are not secondary to the Murano glass chandelier, and the curtains elegantly draped and held firm tends to be coordinated.

But the central character, the piece de resistance, he is the sofa Chester, characterized by processing quilted.
In particular, in this case, they were placed two by two seats, facing each other.

Chester Sofa

The Chester sofa are English, valuable and provide a working Manual complex, high quality, born in the first half of the 800. Represent the art of tapestry and the history of upholstered furniture, examples of the evolution of design, the concept of session.
The processing quilted which are characterized, strictly done by hand, consists of padding diamond bet buttons that form of potholes.

It frequently used for leather seats, but it is perfectly feasible to use it with the sofa fabric.

A sofa made with this technique is ideal to decorate a classic, but its clean lines and rigorous to make it suitable for a contemporary environment, where it becomes the main character.

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