Invisible Solutions For Studios Or Apartments

To make the space seem larger, we set it in light colors, with a few pieces of furniture and no frills.

In small studios or one bedroom, it is often “almost” impossible to have all the necessary corner desk, full kitchen, beds, aids, etc. Thanks to the ingenuity of designers this is already possible, with furniture that we need to hide behind their doors, leaving in sight only when necessary.

A study in a closet

This is perfect when you need to save space or do not want the desktop (computer, papers and study material and work) interferes with the decor. To do so choose to acquire a piece of furniture (or order made) with folding or sliding doors, the same or similar color to the wall where you place it.

To be really comfortable, inside should have a shelf as a desk, one (or two) boxes on the sides and shelves to store and save. Do not forget lighting, this should be internal, for it makes holes in the back of the closet, desk, so as to facilitate passage of cables and connection. If the table is shallow, choose a folding chair that you can keep inside the cupboard.

Within a front kitchen cabinets

The perfect solution for single room houses are loft or distributions. Ideally, the kitchen remains hidden or camouflaged when not in use. The modules designed specifically for this purpose, the dimensions of the cabinet can have a full kitchen, with its own lighting, hob, extractor (it is essential that power is high), countertop, sink, oven, refrigerator and shelves.

More than a bed hidden

Whether in a studio or students, or if you want to get the most out of your living room, making it a useful place to accommodate the guests, you can choose to sofa beds include any additional benefits, such as the sofa in the house BonBon , which grows into a litter


A bunk bed or bunk, hiding at the bottom you need (a cupboard, lounge, desk, etc..). It is the perfect solution for a home study (or single room) with very few square meters, inhabited by a young person who prefers a practical lifestyle and comfortable.

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