Cleaning Tips for Furniture and Wall

Always have a perfect home depends largely on the order and the care with which we treat furniture and walls. We decide how long we want our house to look like new under the care and maintenance to perform throughout the interior.

As usual, you share effective, innovative and useful cleaning tips to make your house look as long as brand new. ”

Lacquered furniture

Very fashionable in current decorations. Despite its delicate appearance, cleaning and easy to maintenance. You rub them gently with a cloth dampened with mild soap and dry with a cloth to restore luster. If you have minor scratches, use spray wax, but are deeper, they applied a clear wax.

Steel appliances

Of undeniable beauty, this type of appliances brings excellence to the kitchen. You’ll find non-marking finish, yet there are always some brands that are accented with dust and grease. To maintain its luster, prepare a mixture of water with mild soap and a little ammonia, apply with a sponge with a cloth to dry lint-free cloth.

Clay soils.

For routine cleaning is enough clean with a mild soap and water, it does need to be very well drained excess water to prevent staining. If you have a dull appearance (opaque), add some wax or liquid water, so to regain the natural shine.

Note that it is always necessary to nurture this type of soil periodically, preventing wear. To do this, apply linseed oil with the help of a brush or roller.

Tiles and boards

The ceramics are as new if sprayed with a mixture of three parts of alcohol, water, and a cleaner, always dries with a cloth for shine.

When joints are no longer white, then it seems that our bathroom is always dirty. To clarify we suggest brushing with vinegar or bleach diluted in water. To avoid mold that accumulates particularly in bathrooms with little (if any) natural ventilation, applied with brush white paint anti-rust.


The large numbers of parts that usually make these lamps require a thorough cleaning. We will suggest an efficient and simple: Use a lint-free cloth, dip it in a mixture of denatured alcohol and water (equal parts) and go one by one the pieces, then let air dry.

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