A Mini Apartment of 30 Square Meters

Today it is common for young couples or singles to choose apartments a few meters as a first home. Living in the business center or the big cities also results in finding small houses at inflated prices, but they are irresistibly charming for its many decorative possibilities regardless of size.

Enhance the brightness and clarity to give the
impression of large environments; you must be the primary objective in an apartment-sized “mini”. This example will show below, an apartment of only 30 square meters, furnished and decorated very modern, with only the furniture and accessories you need to not overburden the environment.
White walls, white woodwork and furniture in that color also, besides the lack of tables characterize this home decor.

The truth is that the minimalist that follows is in large part to the need for a space as possible to get airy spaciousness and light. And is that rule, in just 30 square meters is difficult to provide the necessary input of natural light.

The kitchen comes down to an island where they are hidden under a sliding top, the cooktop and the tap.

The elegance of a material such as Corian accompanies this small kitchen on the counter. By sliding the board serves as a breakfast bar, accompanied by simple steel gray stools. On the sides are integrated oven and dishwasher.

As expected, with only 30 square meters is essential versatile multifunction furniture like a sofa bed.

Who wears clothes of white and gray bed at night, and is accompanied by a cube-shaped coffee table that turns into night table. The columns and setbacks have been used for shelves, providing a decorative plus.

A staircase without railing leads to a second plant that hides a dream bathroom.

The bright resin floor, serves as a mirror that helps increase meters visually. As storage areas were placed in white lacquered cabinets without handles so that they are integrated into the environment from almost unnoticed. The most original is the shower located in the middle of the bathroom, surrounded by clear glass partitions.

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