Portable Electric Stove

Maurizio Maiorana is the creator of the original stove christened with the name of Cook, and reminds us more of a small cloth, which a few stoves for cooking, but it really works. And it can be very handy for many situations.

This cuisine , fun design, this made in silver plates, due to thermal conductive properties that generate
the heat needed for cooking, and silicone LSR as insulating coating, which provides flexibility and protects the surface, as it supports a range Temperature -60 to 280 º.

There are 3 plates of different sizes surrounded by tiny holes that blow constantly, creating a stream of warm air that prevents heat loss during cooking, and some tactile controls that will decide the temperature.

Cook with the stove, we cook in any place, provided that we have an outlet, and as is also completely flexible, thin and lightweight, is easy to carry and can store in a drawer.

Its profits are endless: to go camping on the terrace or garden house, as hot dishes in the dining room for impromptu trip … but we have to wait. At the moment it is only a prototype.

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