Ikea Christmas 2010 Ornaments

It will not be much to celebrate one of the most anticipated events of the year, Christmas, a time share at home with family and a nice dinner on the table.

To do this, if you are among those that have no idea how, and how to decorate your home for Christmas have a nice style to surprise others and yourself,
read this article, because I’ll tell you what decorations Ikea brings to you this Christmas.

In my opinion, the most important part of the Christmas decorations are 2 things: the Christmas tree and Christmas dinner table. Both are the protagonists of the night to give the house a pleasant, lively and visually appealing.

Ikea ornaments for Christmas tree:

For the Christmas tree I can recommend dropping them from the areas that are always present as a decoration, but if you want to give a modern touch with Ikea can be interspersed with other types of ornaments such as stars, mini trees or smaller areas.

There are even decorations in the form of gift boxes and decorative figures of Santa Claus. Any combination is fine, the idea is that your tree is balanced by several ornaments to please the eye.

Ikea ornaments for the Christmas table:

The Christmas table is made up of the cloth, household and of course the centerpiece of which is accompanied by candlelight. It’s a whole set of things that have to be perfect for that night. We do our own centerpieces; there are so many combinations that can be made between candles and floral containers.

For example, this set of candles with Christmas themes to their respective holders can be an attractive and modern option to put on the table, atop a white rectangular plate.

But if you want to place traditional candles and large, I can recommend is to buy different sizes to break the usual pattern. In the example below you can see what I’m telling you, this game of candles can be over a red oval plate on the table, contrasting with a white cloth. I recommend using white candles and red, because they have a special meaning, they are also colors that are very well combined.

Other motifs that can complement your Christmas table can be these cute angel-shaped napkin rings and star, as well as star-shaped, vessel for juices, juices, sodas or water, if we want to drink at dinner, in addition to traditional crowns for wine or champagne.

The individual is also an option to decorate and can be a combination in conjunction with the paper napkins which are recent examples.

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