Learn To Mix Colors To Paint Walls

Mix ColorsOne of the trends in interior decoration is currently used to color different housing environments, painting the walls in colors with life and personality.

Gone are the days when white or beige were the only colors that we use for our entire house, now combine these basic colors with many resulting in modern and contemporary environments.

Combine  is not an easy task. Much to our regret we can not get carried away only by our preferences. We must think about various factors that influence the choice of colors that we normally use the room, natural light it receives, the color of the woodwork (window frames, walls and baseboards) and soil, etc.

Dark colors.

Dark colors are the most commonly carry this season if it comes to . The success is in combining them with more clear. For example, chocolate brown bears great with the beige (for Classic environments) and white (for the latest). If you are taking risks with color, do not hesitate to try other colors like blue (turquoise or steel) or mauve.

It is recommended that you use the darker color (brown in this case) to highlight a decorative piece of furniture or important as the headboard in the bedroom or your most prized paintings in the lounge.


The gray shades in all as one of the colors currently in vogue for the walls. The decorators are committed to combine with white walls and add color to the furnishings and accessories. But for a different and special effects, you decorate for metallic paints or textured.


The mauve, lilac, purple, purple, etc., are part of one of the favorite beaches when it comes to give life to an environment. If you have a protruding wall work, takes to paint in this color, for the rest of the room you choose white, but it highlights one of the walls with a strip of wall painted design you like.

Create contrast.

To enter two strong colors on the walls of an environment, the ideal is to soften this contrast with neutral accents. In the room the image was used a base white uniform for the entire lower half of the bedroom, while the top sheet combined a soft green tone off strawberry. As we can see, the result is not charged, however, you get a relaxing and inviting at the same time.

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