How To Paint A Wall?

Paint A WallMatt plastic paint

It’s easier to use to learn how to paint a wall and more adaptable to most decorating jobs. It gives a matt finish and dull, with a slightly velvety texture. This makes it ideal to conceal any irregularity of the wall. Dries very fast, very easy to dye or coloring pigment, and can be diluted much, facilitating
work-based glazes. Being porous, it gets dirty more easily than other paintings, although, being plastic paint can be washed.

Latex for how to paint a wall

This is polyvinyl acetate, a dense liquid milky color and becomes transparent when dry. Binder is vinyl paints, i.e. the substance to which is added to the pigment for painting plastic.

The latex has many applications in decorative painting and is almost essential when working with pigments. It is greatly to the color transparency, without compromising too much consistency. It is soluble in water and therefore can be mixed with acrylic paint as acrylic colors.


All paintings are composed of a binder and pigments, which are those that confer color. The pigments to learn how to paint a wall powder can be purchased in bags. Its price varies by color. The most affordable and common in the decoration of walls are the natural lands, tones mostly iron oxide derivatives ranging from very dark brown, to the ocher, to red rust and shades of brown and orange. Mixing with latex, you can get very intense colors, both transparent and completely opaque. Can be used to stain the white plastic paint, but not directly, but before having the mixed with latex.

Learn how to paint a wall?

Pasta with stucco and model

The stucco paste allows for much textured effects, applied by roller coating and subsequently worked with various tools. If the wall is large, it is desirable to work areas to prevent the pasta to dry before being handled. The modeling clay works in decorative details such as stencils, borders or simple decorative motifs. Take a little longer to dry the plaster paste, so you can work longer.

Seal Cracks

Unless the walls are in very good condition, it is necessary to prepare them with putty seal cracks to remove all irregularities.

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