Ideas for decorating a small bedroom

small bedroom decorationLack of space is, in many cases an obstacle for those who wish for the bedroom of their dreams. However this issue can be solved by choosing the right style in the right colours if you want to make your bedroom into a cosy and relaxing haven.

As always, the colour of the walls, accessories and textiles such as bed linen and curtains can help visually expand the space. A low headboard is another good item to put in a small bedroom.

In a long room, if you want to follow the trend of painting one wall a different colour, paint the other walls in lighter colours. Also ensure that your different coloured wall is the one where the window is, in order to maintain the levels of light within the room. Choose a quilt or bedspread in the colour of your feature wall to help harmonise the room.

Elegance is not at odds with the lack of space. The combination of gray and mauve decor is fashionable, the former is ideal for walls, while the second highlights of the kind that prints when used in supplements. With a bed that integrates the tables in the headboard, you have no space problems. To lighten up, replacing the lamps, night tables, with ones that hang from the ceiling.

The green is a color that encourages relaxation and rest, while transmitting energy. If your bedroom is a few meters, but would like to paint the walls green, decant ate a soft range. Ignores too many supplements and choose pillows, bedding, curtains and lamps in beige with subtle green also.

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