Create a Room for Relaxation

relaxMany have to live under constant tensions that dominate our daily lives, whether these fall under work, education or home life. The truth is that very few have enough time or money to go to a spa or a relaxation centre to seek the tranquillity they need to refresh their bodies and minds. 

They say that home is the realm of peace and comfort however sometimes when we get home from a long day at work, you may not feel that you have the desired space or quiet to properly relax and renew your strength.

An alternative is to select one of the rooms of the house to transform into your your place of rest, as if it were a retirement home. It should be a space where you would have all your home comforts at hand at all times.

You may consider creating a place that holds your favorite chair for reading, along with a comfortable footrest, a small table for drinks, a light that can regulate the intensity, and a stereo remote .

A carpeted floor will make walking barefoot relaxing whilst a television will ensure that you can truly ’switch off’ while watching your favourite movies.

Some opt for a rocker instead of a chair while others choose a  hammock over a sofa. The idea is that your home is your place to use all the things you like and discover what really brings you peace and tranquillity.

Other elements such as air fresheners, incense, candles, herbs and  permanent environmental music can also create a relaxing environment.

Your peaceful space should give you the feeling of going on a trip or staying  at a luxurious hotel. It should be somewhere that takes us away from daily routine and the stresses of life.

And while many of the elements of this room can also be found in other parts of the house, it is certain that this space will be exclusively yours. It will offer you some privacy for when you wish to indulge every so often.

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